Red Poll Beef Catle

Brumley Red Polls

Monique LeCerf

3048 Korumburra-Warragul Road

Ellinbank 3821

Telephone: 03 5626 1559

Mobile:      0437 169 796

Monique with Raedean Inxs at Maffra Show 2006 Monique with Raedean Inxs at Maffra Show 2006

My first remembered involvement with cattle was our family's housecow 'Miss Muffet'.

From there my involvement (slowly) began to grow raising a couple of calves, and then when I was 10 our family moved to a sharefarm just out of Finley NSW milking 500 registered jerseys.

Here I attended my first show and took a liking to the show scene. After only eighteen months we moved back to Ellinbank, where I began relief milking with my dad earning $6 - $8 a milking.

With this money I eventually saved up to buy my first steer from mum and dad a friesian/angus.

Around the same time, I decided to undertake a certificate II in agriculture through my school, to increase my knowledge and skills in the cattle industry. I would work one day a week on farm and have four days at school during Year 11 and 12 (quite demanding on a VCE student).

My first year of placement was on a local beef farm with a fantastic 'Host boss' who helped and inspired me a lot! (and has become a dear friend) I learnt a lot about running beef cattle feeding, health, breeding, behaviour, general care, tractor work, hay making, fencing and so much more. As my knowledge grew, so did my herd. I aimed to have at least 20 cattle by the end of that year.

I ended up with 21, helped largely by my parents allowing me free agistment on 420 acres they were leasing at the time.

My second year of placement was on an even closer dairy farm where I learnt even more about the dairy industry and the comparisons between beef and dairy. When my parents ceased lease of the 420 acres, they sold all their cattle. However, I didn't wish to, and so my first host boss and friend, Andy, very kindly offered me cheap agistment.

My theory for the selling and buying of cattle was; sell one buy two smaller ones! I now have approximately 50 head of cattle at any time, spread over about 6 farms - and if I had more land I'd have more cattle.

My boost into the show cattle sector occurred when I decided to do Ag class in Year 12 at school. Our school took a team of Murray greys to Melbourne show every year and it was Melinda Kent of Kentsie Murray Greys who fitted our cattle and also handed me a pamphlet for a Beef camp.

It was at this camp that Melinda introduced me to Annette and Noel who asked me to farmsit for them while they went to New Zealand in February 2006. Before that I hadn't even heard of Red Polls!

Since then I have been showing and breaking in cattle with them, whilst (admitedly and undeniably!) falling in love with these beautiful rich ruby-red cattle.

After maintaining the 2006 Melbourne show team for them Annette and Noel kindly gave me a heifer 'Raedean Dame Margot' thus marking the beginning of my stud 'Brumley Red Polls' (named after the property my parents purchased in 2005 'Brumley Ridge')

Since then I have purchased another heifer 'Raedean Cher' and Margot has had her first calf a bull 'Brumley Dashing Muskateer' the first calf born to my stud.

At the moment I have several jobs:

As well as this I also do a bit of painting and drawing and always have some project on the go for someone.

As well as my loveable cattle I also have a horse and a couple of ponies to keep me entertained.

I may not have much spare time but hey, at least I'm never bored.

Personal cattle industry achievements: