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ORIGINATED: About 200 years ago in East Anglia from local light red polled Suffolk cattle renowned for their milk and butterfat production, and blood red Norfolk beef cattle, hardy and early maturing. Together they provided an excellent milk supply and fleshing ability. Towards the end of the eighteenth century the mating together of the two breeds quietly began and was continued until all native cattle of both counties became merged into one homogeneous whole as the Red Poll Cattle that we know - an ideal type of animal embodying beef and milk to an extent unsurpassed in any other breed. They have been bred in Australia for over 100 years.

RED: Distinctive deep red colour with good eye and under pigmentation avoids sunburn problems and minimises eye problems in the hottest and driest areas.

POLL: Natural poll avoids carcase bruising and handling problems.

MEDIUM SIZE of the breed combined with rapid calf growth rate makes Red Poll cows extremely productive to fodder intake or area of pasture required.

FORAGING ABILITY, good legs and walking capacity have made Red Polls as well known in the semi-arid zones of South Australia and Western Australia as in the temperate zones of the continents South East.

LONGEVITY: Red Poll cows frequently have 15 calves or more, and, consequently, fewer breeder replacements are required and a profitable local market can be established for surplus heifers.

MOTHERING ABLITY of the Red Poll female is unsurpassed by cows of any other breed. Calves are suckled without difficulty until 9 or 10 months old for the vealer trade.

DOCILITY of both cows and bulls is legendary.

CROSS BREEDING with Red Poll females combines maximum economic benefits of the breed with possible faster growth and weight gain of larger European bulls without the additional costs of supporting larger cows. Red Poll females and bulls will produce a very high percentage of polled calves from a cross breeding program.

CALVING EASE from 24 months, depending upon supervision and heifer development. Red Poll cows are noted for their calving ease. The dams being wide across the hip and pin bones and the sires not big in the head or heavy in the shoulders.

HIGH QUALITY MEAT from purebred Red Polls has been recognised in steer and carcase competitions throughout Australia.

ADAPTABILITY: Red Polls will thrive in virtually any Australian climatic or environmental conditions from extensive semi-arid to irrigated costal, or wet and cold conditions.

THE ADVANTAGES: Dam replacements required each year are less. More productive females can be carried per/hectare. Vealers can be sold before the next calf is dropped, due to early maturing. Not as many heifer replacements are required to be kept each year. Their productive life is longer than most breeds.


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