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Our testimonial:

We believe that Red Polls are a great package. They are naturally polled, extremely versatile cattle that are feed efficient producers.

Being very high milk producers makes them ideal vealer mothers, the very rich creamy milk results in top calves.

Red Poll steers have won carcass awards all over Australia and with minimal entries.

Red Poll meat has a fine grain that is very tender is juicy and has a flavour all of it's own, the best part is, it is not full of fat to achieve all this.


Try some Red Poll meat today.

You won't be disappointed !




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Red Poll Stud

Quality herd with excellent blood lines

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"Quality that cannot be ignored."





Are you sick of paying too much for your beef?

Can you afford eye fillet steak?


Yes you can !

All you need is a freezer !


Quality that cannot be ignored




Our beef is grown using organic principals - NO drenches or chemicals are used on our cattle



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Cooking tips from the kitchen at Raedean

Beef Wellington Deluxe

Courtesy of Dean Van Rysbergen - Executive Chef

Beef Wellington


For the wellington:

Raedean Red Poll eye fillet.
Puff pastry sheets (how many you need will depend on how much you want to make or how much beef you have)
Egg wash (an egg and a little milk combined)
Wilted baby spinach (buy it fresh and wilt in a medium to hot heated pan in a little salted butter or ev olive oil and some seasoning to taste)
Finely slicedmushrooms (any kind will do, I would use wild or button mushrooms personally)
Oven preheated to 190-200 degrees celcius (fanforced)

For the sauce:

Finely diced brown onion or eschallots
Gravox powder such as roast supreme (or demi glaze powder mix if you have it)
Beef stock
juices from mushrooms and beef seasoning
(if you want to add a little more flavour to the sauce try adding dried herbs such as tarragon, garlic, or even a little fresh rosemary to the sauce at the end)

To prepare:

Seal off beef in a hot pan or on a grill just to seal in the juices so it doesn't make the pastry soggy and make the meat dry. Once sealed, rest in a warm area for 5-10 mins, let some juices come out (these can be used in the sauce) and set aside.
Saute off the mushrooms in butter in a hot pan until they are cooked through and have gained a little colour. Once you have sauteed off the spinach, drain on paper towel and set aside. dont forget to season all these ingredients with sea salt or lake salt if available (I highly recommend western Australian lake salt, as you dont need very much at all to get the taste results) and some finely cracked peppercorns (I use mixed dried peppercorns for maximum effect).

To construct:

Lay the puff pastry on the bench, spread out the drained wilted spinach on the puff pastry in a square leaving room on all sides for the joining process. Next on with the mushrooms, spread them out over the spinach, then lay the eye fillet on the bed you have made with the spinach and mushrooms. Pastry brush the edges with the eggwash, then take the ends, folding it onto the top off the beef, brush the top of them with egg wash, then fold the rest over the top to create a parcel. You can either create a large one to slice up later or individuals, the choice is yours. The cooking time will have to reflect this decsion. place the wellington on greased, and papered oven tray, and place in oven. I recommend cooking them just until the pastry goes golden and is puffed up. I also recommend that you cook eye fillet no more than medium to maintain tenderness and texture, it is a lean meat with little fat, so anymore than that willl make it tough to eat. Once cooked, rest for approx 1/3 of the complete cooking time to relax the meat and make it more tender.

To make the sauce:

Saute off onion, add stock and port to taste and reduce a little. Add juices at this stage also if any are left over. Once reduced, make gravy as per normal, making it thin or thick to your liking. Season to taste and your done!

To serve:

Slice wellington into 2cm thick slices or if individual, just in half, to show off your handy work, drizzle with sauce, and you're done!

Quick, easy and very tasty. ENJOY.


Oyster blade, Gravy beef & Stewing Steak:

For something a little different try this.

Line a flat casserole dish with foil, enough to wrap around the meat to seal in the flavours, as it cooks, no casserole lid needed.

Sprinkle with a packed of French Onion Soup (or your favourite).

Try adding mushrooms / chopped bacon / garlic / herbs for different flavours.

Cook in 180c for approx. 1hour.

Meat should be tender and melt in your mouth.



Red Poll Roasts are wonderful and juicy.

Cook in an oven bag with your favourite herbs.

Try with the flour, beef stock, mixed herbs and a hint of garlic (a clove).

Convection or Microwave Convection use the Compu Cook/High Mix Roast setting.

If not using an oven bag, don't over cook your roast, better to cook for an hour then take out for 15 min then finish off again for another hour to 1 1/2hrs, if you like your meat well done then a bit longer, better to let it stand and finish cooking rather than over cook it, as this dries the meat.

Let meat stand in bag for 5 - 10 minutes before cutting, you will find it does not matter which way you cut Red Poll meat it will not be tough as the grain of the meat is so fine.

Then use some of the juices to make your gravy it never fails to please.



Cook slowly; if you have a Crock Pot it is ideal.

Try, wholegrain / or your favourite mustard (dessertspoon), vinegar (2 cups),

1/4 cup of raw sugar, measurements are approx., alter to taste, (try a bay leaf).

Cover the meat with water to cook, add cut carrots and let cook while you are at work or out for the day. Quick and easy when you get in just cook some spuds etc. If you like a sauce try this one.

Make a white sauce, grate a little cheese, and add wholegrain mustard and a cream to make a smooth sauce. Store the meat in the juices it will last for ages and is wonderful for your lunches or another meal.


Osso Bucco & Stewing cuts:

Cook slowly in the Crock Pot is once again ideal.

Brown the meat off in a fry pans, season with salt and pepper, then use the juices to lightly cook, chopped up onion/s (1 large or a couple of small ones is sufficient) (I like to add garlic). Place the meat and onion in your crock pot then add two tablespoons on Gravy mix and the same of corn flour, pour in approx 1 cup of Red Wine and 1 cup of water, give a good stir then add in all your favourite vegetables and cook for approx 7 hrs on low until the meat is falling off the bone. Cook up mashed potato/rice/pasta and your meal is ready.

If you have a pressure cooker the shin beef makes a great stew in no time. Marinate your round steak / stir fry in Soy, Honey and Port for a different taste.

Let your imagination go with the mince, the meals are endless, if you would like to know more just let me know and I will pass them on.

I hope you enjoy cooking as much as I know you will eating the Red Poll Beef.



Annette Walker & Noel Gnaden

61 Grays Road, Buln Buln 3821, Victoria, Australia

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