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The stud started in 1988 on a small farm at Warragul, in the heart of Gippsland, Victoria. Annette was the only principal, the name being created from her fathers' middle name Rae and her son's name Dean.

Unfortunately the cattle had to be sold as commercials in 1990 due to the sale of the family farm. The love and desire to have Red Poll cattle was re-established in 1993 with Noel as a joint principal. The Stud is now located at Buln Buln just 4 km north of the original farm on 45 acres of undulating rich red and grey loam soil with an average rain fall of 40. We decided to follow the organic principles as much as possible; we have not used any drench since 1998 and pour ons for parasite since 2004.

Our Red Poll Stud was established on the best bloodlines we were able to access from all around Australia but focusing on Eurimbla for our seedstock, we later introduced other bloodlines.

We decided that to show our cattle was an excellent way to promote our Stud and meet new breeders all over the world. Our very first and successful showing was in 1994, winning the Senior and Grand Champion Female at Melbourne Royal. We have since gone on to win broad ribbons at Adelaide, Supreme Exhibit awards at Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra Royals. Royal Melbourne Show from 1999 to 2005 we have had the pleasure of breeding the Supreme Champion Exhibit, showing six of those animals ourselves.

The stud also supports local shows when possible and we have supported and exhibited at 13 Red Poll Feature Shows since 1994 (including 4 Royal Features) and were most successful exhibitor at eight of those show. At Wangaratta Feature Show in 1997 we won our first Supreme Interbreed Exhibit with a heifer. The 2007 Canberra Royal we were excited to see our bloodlines being sashed Supreme Interbreed Exhibit the bull was sired by Raedean Bogart, Bogart is by Raedean Bosco out of Raedean Sophia. Bosco is still at stud, rising 11 y.o, his photo is on the front page and you can view his photo on our website at the tender age of 10 .

Raedean has topped stud sales at Lismore, Toowoomba, Sydney and Whittlesea with young heifers and bulls, further enhancing their reputation as breeders of quality stock. Our stock has been sold into both Commercial and Stud herds in Queensland, N.S.W, A.C.T and Victoria. Progeny of stock we have sold are now excelling in the show ring and commercially and in carcase competitions.

We changed our focus for our Red Poll herd from showing to focus on our meat sales and have been using a Limousin bull over our females to utilise another excellent carcase breed we anticipate this will result in even better vealers. We wanted to utilise the excellent qualities of the Red Poll Breed as they are high milk producers, excellent carcases; superb mothers so the end result is fantastic vealers. The idea to sell started out as a side line then we realised we had the potential to develop this into a very profitable business and we were not reliant on the price set in the market for our premium beef. We started off with a very small client base that has now grown to a stage that we have a waiting list and our clients refuse to buy meat from any other source claiming that they love the beautiful flavour and quality of our Raedean Red Poll Beef and other beef that they purchase just does not evaluate!

In 2007 Annette & Noel then selected another naturally polled red breed in the Red Angus and we have started to purchase top quality stud females, embryos and semen from RRA, Trevone Park, Ebony Lodge & Round-Em-Up to kick start Raedean Red Angus Stud thus adding another dimension to our breeding program. We have already started to show our Red Angus at local shows with great success and are eagerly looking forward to the Red Angus Feature Show at the 2009 Adelaide Royal, where we will be exhibiting.

It is exciting to be a part of the Red Angus breed this is a breed that is growing rapidly and making huge inroads into the commercial market. We looked for quite some time to find a breed that fitted all the criteria that we looked for in our cattle and we assessed many different breeds but were naturally drawn to the red cattle once again.

We hope to have our first Raedean Red Angus calves on the ground in spring of 2009 from the embryos we have put into our Red Poll females, we anticipate that our Red Angus will surpass our expectations. So as you can see there have been many changes at Raedean in the last two years. If you would like to know more about our breeding programs or view our herd please give us a call.

Visitors are always welcome.




Annette Walker & Noel Gnaden

61 Grays Road, Buln Buln 3821, Victoria, Australia

International Telephone Details Phone: +61 3 5626 7062,   Fax: +61 3 5626 7063,   Mobile: 0407 346 488

E-mail: raedean@smartchat.net.au

ABN 23 431 935 819

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